Christmas Offering 2020

We are looking ahead to all that God has for us in year two of our life as a church. Though 2020 has been different than we would have envisioned in so many respects, it has also strengthened our resolve that the local church, as an outpost of the Kingdom of God, is more vital than ever to connect people, to help them find purpose and peace in the way of Jesus. Much of 2020 felt like life was buried in the ground. In the Bible, when the people of God are confined or constrained for a season, it is a time of re-focusing, purification, and preparation for a harvest. We are praying that enduring this past season will be a seed that God will use to produce a harvest of blessing. In preparation for this anticipated newness, in 2021 we will:

-continue to partner with local organizations providing food security and establishing partnership with Young Lives mentoring and walking alongside teenage mothers.

-hire key team members to further ministry of Ecclesia.

-seek creative solutions for a location in downtown Princeton for offices, gathering, and meeting community needs. 

-invest in church planting locally and nationally.

Your gifts go towards these efforts and enable us to be a people who dream. Thank you for your generosity and vision.