MAY 14

Read | Psalm 70

Hasten, O God, to save me;

    come quickly, Lord, to help me.

May those who want to take my life

    be put to shame and confusion;

may all who desire my ruin

    be turned back in disgrace.

May those who say to me, “Aha! Aha!”

    turn back because of their shame.

But may all who seek you

    rejoice and be glad in you;

may those who long for your saving help always say,

    “The Lord is great!”

But as for me, I am poor and needy;

    come quickly to me, O God.

You are my help and my deliverer;

    Lord, do not delay.

Respond | Derek Wu

Be pleased, O God, to deliver me.

    O Lord, make haste to help me! 


I’m itching to just get up and go out. Longingly, I stare out the window and imagine better days. Days where I can enjoy the presence of friends, family, and nature again—laughing, playing, eating, learning, worshipping, living together. I thirst for those days. Oh Lord, when will that day come? Make haste to help us. We were not meant to be in here, but out there.


God joins us in the waiting room (Romans 8:18-25). Through David, he longs along with us for better days. He knows the anticipations, he feels the anxieties, he yells out in frustration with us. God is not just a God of starts and ends, but a God of the in-betweens. Before he heals, he weeps (Jn. 11:35). He plants the seed and then goes to sleep (Mk. 4:26-29).   


Why doesn’t God just crush the enemy in a flash of white-hot violence? Isn’t that what was promised in the covenant? Why doesn’t God just crush this virus, and all the injustices that come along with it? Why must he withhold us from doing what we were created to do—to live in fellowship with one another? Today, join David in his frustration. Perhaps God gave us his cries for a reason.