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"Prayer is not preparation for the greater work, it IS the greater work!"

Oswald Chambers


As we pray, we bring our daily lives to God and we acknowledge God for who he is— present and engaged in the world around us! Prayer does stuff. It does stuff to us, stuff to the world around us, and I hope that in some way, it quite literally changes the fabric of eternity as people we pray for are affected forever by what happens.

Here are specific prayer requests for the week to pray through:

  • For our Children’s ministry to continue to develop. Pray specifically for Rebecca as she leads into this and for people to come and help with the care Sunday mornings. Long term prayer is for the capacity to expand care to include programming for some older ages as we have more kids.

  • For “people of peace” (Luke 10) to be revealed in important places where gospel conversations and meetings could be nurtured. Pray for them to be taken by the beauty and grace of Jesus and for their influence to lead others to the Lord!

  • For the Holy Spirit to bring renewal to Princeton in a way that uses Ecclesia, but doesn’t end with Ecclesia. Pray for the other churches in Princeton too!

  • For peace to those who are struggling with mental health in both our congreaation and in our town. Pray for eyes to see them, for a heart of compassion, and for words of encouragement and grace to share with them.

  • For Jesus to shape us into as a community towards intimacy with him and one another 

  • Pray for eyes to see the lonely, the hopeless, and the people who seem like they are fine. We have a chance to invite people to community every day, so also be praying for God to place a desire in your heart to know and love people!

  • Pray for the Dearduff’s as they fundraise a salary this year.