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This appendix will help you see the overall picture. It lists all these laws without any explanatory text. If you want some explanation, just go to the chapter. Please note that the introductory chapters to parts 2–6 and chapter 24 don’t have any Winners’ Laws

Part One: Introduction

Chapter 1: Poker Winners Are Really Different

1. Learn how you compare to winners.

2. Commit yourself to making the necessary changes.

Chapter 2: Winners Are More Motivated and Disciplined

1. Accept a painful reality: intense, ruthless competitors have a huge edge.

2. Accept another painful reality: you can’t make huge changes in your competitive drives and talent.

3. Assess your own talent and motivation honestly.

4. Work on your self-control.

Chapter 3: Winners Make Good Trade-Offs

1. Accept that trade-offs are unavoidable.

2. Accept that you can’t satisfy all your motives.

3. Understand your own motives and priorities.

4. Learn which trade-offs each game or strategy requires.

5. Don’t kid yourself.

6. Make the trade-offs that fit your priorities


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