Summer At Ecclesia

This summer at Ecclesia we are focused on sabbath, connection, and preparing our hearts and teams for the next season of ministry. Click here for calendar of dates! Any questions, reach out here!

Affinity Groups- short term communities based around a hobby/activity. If you'd be interested in leading a group, click here.

Digital Gathering Meetups- for most of the month of July we will be meeting online. But we will have hubs where Ecclesians are gathering together to engage the digital service. If you'd be willing to host a digital gathering meetup, click here. If you'd like information on how you can attend a meetup, click here. 

Serve Teams- We are relaunching our Serve Teams as we anticipate re-gathering fully in the Fall. Serve Teams are dedicated groups of Ecclesians who create space for worship and welcome during our Sunday gatherings. If you are willing, we will train you. Click here to sign up!