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Ethnicity, Justice, And The People Of God

A group discussion around leading New Testament Scholars N.T. Wright and Esau McCaulley's video teaching series. The course Ethnicity, Justice, and the People of God will seek to develop the Christians’ imagination through an emphasis on biblically based notions of justice. Over six weeks, the course will trace various strands of thought regarding ethnicity and justice throughout history and the various responses people in the Church have offered. By the end, we hope to have developed a shared community reliant upon  scriptural resources to aid the mission of every Christian: love of God and love of neighbor. In particular, witnessing to injustice and practical possibilities for participating in God’s vision to put all things right in our present age.

Start: Wednesday, March 9
Duration: Six Consecutive Weeks (ends April 13)
Location: 101 Loetscher Place, 3rd Floor Community Room
Time: 7:30 - 9:00pm

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