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Courtney and I are originally from Oklahoma. We have been proud to call central Jersey home for over a decade. We are high school sweethearts, got married young, and moved to New Jersey to serve in the local church. We have been blessed to have four beautiful children born right here at the Princeton hospital.


We love having our friends behind the counter at our local pizza and bagel shops, love day trips to the shore and the city (and by city, we mean New York!), and we love prolonged, looping turns when trying to go left.  But most of all, we love the people. We want to see what it would look like for God to radically reshape and reimagine this place. Our heart is for pointing people who want nothing to do with church and who are skeptical of religion to a Jesus they never knew existed. Jesus is better than the rumors, our job is to live and tell the story well. We have seen so many glimpses of the beauty and mission we think God has in store for this area and we are so grateful to call this place home.


We think that starting Ecclesia in this moment is God-ordained that radical renewal and transformation are starting to break the horizon. We want to see Jesus come, right here, in Princeton as in heaven. 

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Ian Graham

Lead Planter / Pastor, Ecclesia

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