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Kingdom Teaching Series- 1 Samuel 7

Pastor Ian Graham looks at the arc of the theme of kingdom throughout the scriptural story. As we journey through ancient Near Eastern cultures, we delve into their perception of kings as divine icons. This concept presents a stark contrast to the biblical narrative, where the divine image is bestowed upon every individual, thereby recognizing the inherent worth and divinity in each person. The tension builds as we grapple with the Israelites' yearning for a king, a request that, while initially met with divine grace, inherently represented a rejection of God's rule.

We turn our focus to the dichotomy of Saul and David. Saul's wavering and inconsistency stands in sharp contrast to David's steadfastness, presenting a pattern we can emulate in our lives. We trace the story of David and God's promise of an unending kingdom. This promise, it is important to note, is less about David and his character and more about God and His unfailing nature.

The episode takes a fascinating turn as we delve into the teachings of Jesus, specifically his unique style of leadership. Jesus, a monarch who cleans feet, whose realm is met with scorn, not praise, offers a fresh perspective on the concept of leadership. The episode invites listeners into a thought-provoking encounter with Jesus' leadership style, challenging us to resist the world's allure and embrace the eternal majesty offered by God.

As we move through the narrative, we explore the profound difference between the kingdom of self and the kingdom of God. This analysis provokes a deeper understanding of our place within this cosmic story. We are reminded that the King of the Universe has declared us his children and provided a way for us to return home.

The episode concludes with an invitation for listeners to resist and embrace the kingdom. As we sing and pray, we are reminded to loosen our grip on the small things and embrace the eternity that is available to us. The kingdom of God, we are reminded, is for everyone, not just for others.

Through its comprehensive exploration of God's Kingdom, from Exodus, through David, to Jesus' teaching, this podcast episode offers a tantalizing journey into the grandeur of the divine narrative. It invites listeners to not only understand their place within this narrative but also to embrace the majesty and beauty of the kingdom of God.

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