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Homecoming Sunday 

This has been a long season for all of us. For our church, we have been sustained by the goodness of God in the wilderness of "online church." But now, a return. A return to weekly gatherings, a return to the table. Perhaps you've been contemplating a return of your own. Perhaps you've been away from church or faith for a long time, perhaps you've never really believed that a God was even a plausible hypothesis. Or perhaps before the pandemic you were at church every week but now find faith to be something distant. 

Wherever you find yourself, we are inviting you to come join us as we tell the story of the beautiful home that Jesus has prepared for us. 

And in the Bible, when lost things are found, when the exiles return to their homeland, when the wayward find themselves in the joyous embrace of those who longed for their return, there's always a party. And everyone's invited.

So we are throwing a party and you're invited! September 19th at 10:30 at the Princeton Arts Council (102 Witherspoon St.) for our gathering, and make plans to stay for an outdoor lunch and fun. 

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