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Discipleship: Six Days of Creation (Part Two)

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Our rhythms of discipleship, the Six Days of Creation, are drawn from the Scriptures from the life of Jesus and the life of the early church. We have labeled them:

  1. Contemplative

  2. Expectant

  3. Worshipful

  4. Communal

  5. Generous

  6. Missional


In this post, we will draw a thread in the life of Jesus pointing to these rhythms. Jesus throughout his life was constantly moving between time alone with God and time spent giving of himself in ministry. In Mark 1, we see this paradigm at work. In Mark 1vv32-34, Jesus is healing and ministering to others. The next morning, in v. 35, he gets up early, goes to a deserted place, and he prays. Jesus' life before others flows from a deep well of time alone with God. Jesus in embracing silence and prayer is made anew so that he can give more fully of himself to others.


Jesus lives his life with incredible power because of his intimacy with God. He knows the will of God is for holistic, transformative healing and thus proclaims that truth over those he encounters. Jesus expected to be used by God in profound ways (Luke 4vv18-21) and he expected God to act. In John 11, we see Jesus modeling this sort of radical expectation. He comes to the tomb of Lazarus and calls him to come back to life, commanding his dead friend to come back from the grave (John 11vv41-44).


In Matthew 26vv26-30, during the last night of his earthly life, Jesus is celebrating the Passover with his disciples. He is participating in the rehearsal of the story of the ancient promises and acts of God, praying to God, and singing praise to him. Before he faced his ultimate trial, the cross, Jesus is strengthened and shaped through worship. Worship, for Christ, is not just our response to God’s grace, it shapes us for our life in the world.

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Raymond Larson
Raymond Larson
22 sept. 2022

Loved readinng this thank you

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