Advent Day Three: Evening


Read Luke 11:29-32

Silence is kept for two minutes.


Luke 11 describes two episodes of those far outside the boundaries of the “people of God” responding to the word of God and repenting. Implicit in this statements as Jesus declares that “something greater than Jonah is here” and something “greater than Solomon is here” is that the people who were supposed to be insiders miss out on what is going on. There is a numbness that comes from routine, from being too close to something. Each year we observe elements of the Christian calendar such as Advent, Lent, and Pentecost to feel the story afresh. Jesus is constantly revealing his call to holiness and wisdom for us, challenging our comfortable patterns, and shaking our paradigms. Advent is a call to hear the word of the Lord like “the people of Ninevah” and the “Queen of the South,” to receive God’s invitations as if for the first time and to repent of our defaults.

Prayer- The Examen

1. Ask God for illumination

2. Give thanks

3. Review your day- What brought you life and joy? What brought desolation and despair?

4. Face your shortcomings- Holiness is not a life that is lived perfectly in our own strength. Holiness is a life lived fully before God.

5. Look forward to the day to come- Ask that you would live your life fully aware of God’s presence and provision.


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